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Getting the most out of your video production means knowing exactly how and where you’ll use it from the start. Here are 3 major reasons video is so effective for business, and in each section we’ll share how you can leverage that.


Our minds are wired to watch video. A single, static picture is pretty easy to ignore, especially with how many of them we see. A TV being on reliably stops people who are walking by, and that’s been true for many years.

That’s because no matter how a headline or picture makes us feel, we feel it for that moment and then either move on or decide to learn more. Once we make that decision, it’s over. A video playing teases the info we can learn and then proceeds to share it, and in the few seconds where we might be considering whether to keep watching we’re still taking in new information. In those first few seconds there are far more opportunities to establish interest, and it becomes easier to keep watching than to click away.

That is a powerful combination for getting people’s attention on your brand.

Over 76% of people say watching a video helped them make a buying decision, and nearly everyone has watched an explainer video to learn about a new product (according to

A big part of this is because up to 90% of the information conveyed to our brains at a given time is visual. What’s more, our eyes are particularly attracted to movement. That’s why on social media it’s tempting to quickly look at an image and then keep scrolling; it’s the motion we crave.

How you can leverage this:

  • Teasers and sales pieces played at kiosks (more on that below)

  • Videos for social media showcasing new products, fun interactions with customers, or what your process looks like

  • As an interactive portion of a newsletter providing quick, tangible value for readers


Compared to reading a brochure, a magazine, or an article, well-crafted videos are extremely effective at bundling tone, facts, and key takeaways into a quickly digestible package…. and watching videos is a lot more fun! 🙂

Someone could talk at length about what a building looks like, or what it’s like to be somewhere. But in seeing it through strong compositions for yourself you’ll have reached most of those same conclusions.

If you’ve ever watched a how-to video on YouTube, for instance, you know exactly how much clearer it is to watch someone else do something than read an instruction manual.

The manual might tell you to attach something or remove something, but you’re often on your own to make that step happen and end up at the next step. On the other hand, when you watch someone else do that very step, you understand how the parts go together, how smooth (or not) that happens, how to hold the tools, etc. They might even explain a common snag that happens there and how to work around it, which avoids a lot of frustration.

You immediately benefit from their expertise in a way that no picture fully conveys.

How you can leverage video’s info efficiency:

  • Demonstrate how someone should use your product best and what benefits they can expect.

  • Comparison videos between your product and another, highlighting key differences and answering the questions that affect purchases most.

  • Brand awareness videosBrand awareness videos that tell your story, share your vision, and are empowered by customer testimonials and stories.

  • Recap videos for important eventsvideos for important events such as graduations, sports games,


Yep, you read that right. Here are two great examples of that.

Training videos create a lot of value right away. A good trainer can polish their presentation and record the perfect demonstration — the way you might wish every training session could be. With a video, it will be that strong every time and the trainer doesn’t feel like a broken record on the 15th iteration of that lesson.

The trainee also has a lot more flexibility for when they can watch a video versus coordinating when a group of people can be in the same place together. The trainer can begin the hands-on portions of the training when the trainee is ready, but otherwise tie up far less of their own time beforehand.

Second and just as importantly, videos are great sales tools. A lot of what makes a sales presentation work is the energy and conviction with which it’s delivered. For parts of the sales process you can deploy with video, you no longer have to worry that a sales rep didn’t get enough sleep the night before or some other aspect of their personal lives is affecting the communication on that given meeting.

In the same way that a studio recording of a song could be seen as the official or de facto version of the song, your sales video captures the model version of that presentation and faithfully reproduces the experience every time.

And you can send these sales videos as follow ups, as part of a newsletter, or even have it playing at a kiosk at a convention. The versatility of video in sales is huge.

If this sounds valuable to your organization, let’s meet up! We can explain our process and learn about what you’re looking to do, and then shape a vision you’ll be thrilled with.

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