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Real estate is more competitive than ever, and your clientele is a discerning one.

Video tours are quickly becoming a staple of real estate leasing, and creating a stunning showpiece is putting the best foot forward in attracting motivated tenants. Especially those looking for an apartment a cut above.

Wide angle photos have been a mainstay on websites for years, but they don’t really give a sense of depth or presence.

  • What is it like to actually enter the premises, or to stand in the living room?

  • What’s the sense of flow and continuity between rooms?

These are the questions prospective tenants want to know, and the questions a good video tour answers distinctly.


Another big consideration people have when shopping for apartments is what else is nearby.

  • What’s the parking like?

  • Are there parks, bodegas, or other attractions right in the area?

  • What does the exterior look like?

  • What is the general scenery of the complex like?

You’ll never see the kinds of photos that answer these questions on any real estate website. But aerial video footage by drone communicates the answers to all these questions efficiently, as part of an overall feel the piece will create.

The breadth of the visuals invite interest, and the production quality conveys exactly the kind of class you’re offering.

By the time the viewer finishes, they’ll have as close of a picture as they could get without physically visiting – which is likely their next step.

And best of all, this is a sales piece that you can use again and again. Depending on where you make it available, prospects can view it any time.

Interested in exploring professional production for your apartments? Let’s talk!


Ok, so you know you want to use video to market your luxury apartments, but how?

We have a lot of experience with what makes a great video story, from gathering the right footage to the editing, all the way to publishing the video for people to watch. When we meet with clients, we have candid discussions about their goals, what they see as important about their offerings, and which types of customers they’re hoping to connect with most.

From there, we can make recommendations about the types of footage that’d make the whole property pop, and where and how our client can share the finished video tour.

Here are some things to consider to best optimize your video marketing:

  • There are A LOT of moving parts in getting your luxury apartment filled. One of the most important things for you to consider when planning some video marketing with a production company is TIMELINE. This has to be clear early on to ensure everything delivers on time and the video is effective.

  • If you are a new build project, are there areas of your apartment or condo complex you are able to furnish earlier than others?  Is it possible to focus on all the common spaces and amenities so those can be filmed first?  This allows for editing time to happen during the rest of the furnishing or build out – ensuring that your marketing assets are ready to roll when you begin leasing!

  • How will the video be used once it’s finished?


Which Works Great for Apartments as Pre-Lease and Evergreen Website Videos

Over a decade of refining our video marketing services a (nearly) perfect turnkey videos sales funnel has been proven time and time again.

  1. Landing Page Brand Video

  2. Technical Video / Testimonial Video

  3. Short Outbound Videos

Like any good funnel, this funnel has multiple entry points based upon how familiar the potential customer is with your company.

Shorter videos are perfect for outbound paid promotions because they are quick and easy for a user to digest, yet pack a lot of information into that package that’s far more enticing than a bullet list.

There will always be those potential residents who need just a bit more convincing.  So we create a technical scope video, or even a testimonial video, that explains the use case for particular products and how customers love using them. From there, a company can use a shorter, much more focused video to sell the specific value of that product or service.

If your luxury apartment complex has a significant amount of  traffic visibility then you will naturally have a lot of people visiting your website and interacting with your Landing Page Brand Video.  This video is your final conversion tool.  It’s a bit longer, more detail and is meant to draw an emotional response that says “I WANT to live there!”

Each of these video types is ideal for someone in different phases of the sales funnel.


These are similar sounding tours and it might seem like they’re interchangeable. They’re actually pretty different, though, and we’ll break down how in this next section.

A virtual tour is something you’d likely see on a listing website, akin to how you see photos of each room while on a page about that property. The virtual tour provides browsable 3D images of each room so viewers can get an approximation of what the room looks like to stand within — more so than within a regular photo.

It’s a nice value-add for a listing page since the shopper can get more information about a property than with a bunch of standard photos. But it’s missing the vibe you get by actually walking through the property.

That’s where a video tour excels. A viewer can see footage of actually walking through the space, which provides an accurate sense of depth. The decisions about the footage to show form the visual narrative.

Showcasing the interior and exterior along with words from the builder, the management, or even those living in the area paint a vivid picture of what it’s like to live there that’s simply not possible in a virtual tour.

For someone new to the area, this is the ideal first step toward an in-person tour where a lease is signed.

This is why we specialize in creating video tours for luxury apartments.

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